REVEALED: The BAE-HAL Joint ‘Advanced Hawk’




Hindustan Cables Limited is now Naini Aerospace

Now Naini will also contribute to the Indian Security. In coming days parts of Air force aircrafts will be manufactured in Naini Aerospace. Hindustan Cables Ltd. which is acquired by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd will manufacture various aircraft parts here.

Hindustan Cables Limited was on the verge of closure and the employees had not been paid for two years. Due to workers unrest and movement which started in early September 2016, Central Government sealed the takeover of Company.

That`s when Hindustan Aeronautics Limited began the process of acquiring. On Monday, New Delhi CMD of Hindustan Cables and MD of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited which comes under the defence ministry went to complete the formalities of the acquisition. HAL named the new company Naini Aerospace Limited.

Naini Aerospace Limited will be the subsidiary of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. 125 employees of Hindustan Cables Limited will join the new company on 1st February. Hindustan Cables labour union head Rama Kant informed the staffs about the merger. The staffs are happy with the news.